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Cam Newton Finds it Funny when Women Talk about Routes


The idea of females in the sports industry has always been put on the shelf and on October 4, Cam Newton made it clear that women knowing about sports, particularly football is a joke.

Although some may say that Newton didn’t “mean it that way” it sure came off negative as he laughed in reporter Jourdan Rodrigue’s face after she asked a question about his teammate Devin Funchess’ fade route.

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Another One Bites the Dust


Not only is the New York Giants 2017 season off to a rocky start, their prize possession might not be able to save them.

Beckham was not the only Giants player that was injured on Sunday. Kick returner Dwayne Harris also fractured his fifth metatarsal, along with Brandon Marshall and Sterling Shepard who both suffered ankle injuries as well.

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Vexed by the President’s Demonstrations Towards Athletes, LeBron James Tweets Political Response


During the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Media Day, James’ further explained why he called President Trump a “bum.”

“[Trump] doesn’t understand the power that he has for being the leader of this beautiful country,” he said.

James went on to critique Trump’s platform abuse focusing some on how children look up to the president and how Trump “doesn’t care” to “inspire the youth” on important issues. James had no regrets about his tweet.

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