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Dreading Halloween: Creating a Dialogue about Cultural Appropriation


What do you all think about Halloween? How has your outlook on the ghoulish night changed as you’ve grown older?

I’ve always loved the holiday. It was fun driving past the inflatable pumpkins in my neighbors’ yards or seeing what creative costumes my classmates came up with. Even now, I still enjoy Halloween. But, each year I wonder what ridiculous and insensitive costumes I’ll see on my social media feeds.

It doesn’t even have to be Halloween for traditional and significant aspects belonging to a specific culture to be appropriated. We see it everyday. But Halloween brings cultural appropriation to new heights.


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Black-ish gets Musical and Historical in Season Premiere



The episode raises an important question: Why don't we celebrate Juneteenth yet celebrate holidays like the fourth of July and Columbus day that, in a way, still represent oppression. A reason that is highlighted in the show is in order to celebrate the end of slavery we would first have to acknowledge the atrocity which was the system of slavery.

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Black Characters Have Taken Over Television and People Are Loving It

Raven Baxter was one of the first black lead characters in television shows that most kids born in the late 90s or early 2000s knew of. Today, the trend of seeing more African American faces as main characters has become somewhat of a norm.

Shows like “Insecure” and “Black-ish” follow African American leads going through the struggles and positives of everyday life and it is very relatable. 

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