Less Compassion, Less Interaction

Built to care,

Programed to love,

Is that what god imagined for their children?

But when I am surrounded

By peers

I always feel like:

The white light


The black sheep.

No one else knows


Or empathy

Or respect

Or love.

At least those are the messages blasting

out the speakers

Or from the tv screen

We watch in our free time

While playing violent video games

Trying to blast

The other guy's

Pixelated head off

Instead of reaching out to

Shake our neighbors hand.

Or give them a hug,

The phrase

"I love you"

Is so rarely used

With intention.

The common expression

Of our affection comes out

"what's good, my dude."

But you don't care about what's good

Or bad

Or evil,

It’s the rhetorical question that lets us off the hook.

Caring too much results in


while you extend your arm out you are diagnosed with


And at that point you're left feeling


For catching feelings

That shouldn't have been felt in

The first place because

"a guy like you should have (smashed, cracked, hit, tapped) hella girls by now”

But I don’t want to make love,

I was programed to do it,

But my human heart can only

extend its roots

So far

For so long


They wilt, and die.

And the heart stops beating,

From all the repetitive beatings.

And what am I?

A fool with a hurting heart,

Who dreamed too much.