My Daughter

My daughter is beautiful,

and she is strong;

she is fierce,

and she is smart.

She looks just like her mother with those beautiful brown eyes.

Eyes that light up when she sees her “Daddy!” coming.

Strong hands that reach for her fathers.

She loves being carried around like a sack of potatoes,

and she loves being silly and climbing on me like a mountain;

Cause I’m her mountain,

her rock.

But what happens if I’m not there?

Catching a fly by bullet

from the gun of A local gang member,

or the neighborhood cop?

“I have a daughter”

I won’t even get to see her:

perform on stage, or

score a goal, or

get ready for her prom, or

receive her diploma, or

win the nobel prize, or

an oscar.

Do you want to answer the question:

“Where’s daddy?”

for the rest of your life?

Cause what happens if

I’m not here?

“I have a daughter.”

PoemsJulian Holmes