No Wifi

Let’s wander where the wifi is weak

And the views are wondrous.

Blazing backwood trails,

Our voice from mountaintops

Raining down thunderously.

The creatures cower at our

Godly presence amongst the trees

So small, so insignificant.

Two dots on a blank canvas,

Colors mixing together in a swirl

Create a blob,

Dropped on the face of the earth.

Yet we conquer these trails

And forge a pathway of our

Own creation:

One voice, one mind,

one love, one of a kind.

Unaffected by political discourse,

And the stress of monetary exchange;

Flowing freely

While we stand in awe of

God’s greatest creations.

Witnessing something bigger than oneself,

Left awestruck by the revelations

Of how beautiful life really is

All while I get to

share my reality with you.