Four Young Maryland Creatives to Watch This Fall

Sedaysia Cooper


Sedaysia Cooper-Lee is a 20-year-old tattoo artist from Baltimore, Maryland. She began tattooing just two years ago when she found her first apprenticeship. During her apprentice period, Cooper-Lee says, “I got better at my craft as a drawing/painting artist.” She started off her career tattooing fruit and mock skin. Before she began her professional career, she practiced by doing free tattoos. Cooper-Lee is now a paid tattoo artist in the DMV area.

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Llazmin Hawkins (Chicoyanz) - Photographer


Llazmin Hawkins is a 23-year-old, Afro-Latinx photographer originally from Washington, D.C. but raised in Baltimore and Houston.  Hawkins publishes her photography and creative direction work under the moniker “Chicoyanz.”

Although she has only shot photography and videography for a year, she has a background in visual art. “I love making people smile with another form of art,” Hawkins said.

“I’d love to help wake [Baltimore] up of the art and beauty we have,” Hawkins continued.
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Snippets of the artist’s work are featured below:


Daniel Jackson (Dan tha Don) - Rapper

Daniel Jackson, better known as “Dan tha Don,” is a 19-year-old rapper from Glenarden, Maryland. He combines fast-paced verses with melodic harmony.

“I use my voice as an instrument over dope beats,” Jackson says of his musical style.

His music themes range from topics like mental abuse to relationship difficulties. He also draws on society for inspiration, using music as an outlet to criticize the effects of society.

Artist’s Top Songs: Favorite, Need it back, Potential

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FoBligg - Rapper


FoBligg is a rap artist from Gambia, Africa. He is 21 years old and classifies himself as an “Afro-fusion” artist. He started making music during his sophomore year of high school and says, “I make Afro Fusion because it’s who I am. I’m African but I spent most of my life in America. I can cater to both worlds.”

This multiculturalism is displayed in songs like “Bad Ting” and “Bakk Dat (feat. Rellie),” which combine American-style rap with Afrobeats.

Artist’s Top Songs: Chop Money, On Her, Count It Up

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