Another One Bites the Dust

Not only is the New York Giants 2017 season off to a rocky start, their prize possession might not be able to save them.

Beckham was not the only Giants player that was injured on Sunday. Kick returner Dwayne Harris also fractured his fifth metatarsal, along with Brandon Marshall and Sterling Shepard who both suffered ankle injuries as well.

With most of their wide receivers gone, Roger Lewis is the Giants last hope. The Giants have resigned Tavarres King who was released due to a hamstring injury and brought up rookie wide receiver Travis Rudolph from the practice squad.

With the health of the Giants’ offense in question and their defense nowhere to be found, it’s hard to predict their outcome for the rest of the season. So far it is not looking good.

Beckham’s injury will end his 2017 season which will put him in a questionable situation for his future career. Only signing a five year contract with the Giants, keeps Beckham under contract until 2018, making him a free agent in 2019. Beckham had 302 yards this season which would’ve have put him on pace for another season  over 1,000 yards.

Beckham wants to be one of the highest paid football players in the NFL, possibly beating Lions quarterback, Matthew Stafford, who has signed a 135 million dollar contract. It will be  difficult for the 24 year-old wide receiver to accomplish such goal since his latest injury just knocked him a couple steps back.  

Photo by: Getty Images