American Horror Story: Episode Review

By Shayla Stringfield

As we get into the fourth and fifth episode of American Horror Story, we are now diving deep into the background of Roanoke. Not only do we find out the mystery behind “The Butcher” (played by Kathy Bates), but we also find the whereabouts of Lee’s daughter, Flora.

In the beginning of episode 4, Shelby and Matt Miller are at odds because of his strange infidelity with a ghost (shown in the last part of episode 3). Because of this, Shelby is convinced that Matt and his sister, Lee, are conspiring against her, which leads to Shelby turning Lee in to the police for the alleged murder and torture of her husband.

Out of nowhere, the couple encounters “Mr. Piggy” in their home.  After fighting him off for what seemed like an hour, he is warded off by another intruder into the home, the professor from the creepy home video. This leads to the couple not only having one person interacting with the entities on the land, but two.

However, upon going to rescue the girl, Flora, they are killed by The Butcher. By this point in the episode, we are only given this story and are introduced more into Lady Gaga’s character. This season, she plays a dark entity from Roman times who latches on to the living. If you had not realized, she is the one who had the sexual encounter with Matt.

This episode ends by Matt’s niece, Flora, appearing out of the woods, and with The Butcher sending out a warning to the couple and their niece.

As said by The Butcher, “This land is mine, this land will always be mine!”

In episode 5, we learn more about the history of the house itself and the old owners. One in particular is a young wealthy English man (played by Evan Peters), who built the house on the cursed land. After only a few days of living in the home, he is killed by The Butcher.

Shelby and Matt first encounter the English man in the basement, while they are hiding from The Butcher. Despite all of the other ghost wanting to kill the couple, the man tries to help them escape through the woods. However, this ended up going terribly wrong, leading them back at the house and trying to get away from The Butcher.

Although it seemed like the season was about kill off it’s main characters, Lee appears back at the house after being let out, due to lack of evidence. Suddenly, she drives over one of The Butcher’s minions and the family jumps in the car. With all of this happening, they were prepared not to go back.

With that being said, what can we expect to happen in the rest of the season? Now that Shelby and Matt will no longer live at house, it is hard to determine what will be in store for us in the next few episodes!